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Whereas upon inspection of the working of the major hospitals in the Stale, it has come to notice that the required standard facilities is not being rendered lo the patients.
And whereas, upon consultation with Officers of the Health Department, it has been felt that much work has to be done from the point of view of patient care, research and proper attention of the sick and disabled:

AND WHEREAS, after High Level discussions and conferences, it was decided lo form a Society to work for the fulfillment of the above aims:

Now THEREFORE we, the undersigned officers of the Kerala Government, with the sanction of Government, do hereby form and constitute a Society called "Kerala Health Research and Welfare Society" under the provisions of the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act), XII of 1955 upon the following Memorandum of Association

  1. The name or the Society shall  be "Kerala Health Research and Welfare Society"
  2. The  Registered  Office  of the Society  shall    be in Trivandrum City
  3. The Society   shall   be  a   non profit  sharing  society
  4. The objects of the  Society shall   be the following;
    1. to associate with the Government of Kerala for rendering better facilities to the patients in the Government Hospitals;
      1. to construct and to arrange for the construction of buildings (including Pay wards) and other works for the residence, treatment or welfare of patients in hospitals or other Government institutions in the state;
      2. To undertake such other works as are related to or having a bearing on public health;
      3. to undertake the construction of quarters for Medical Officers and Staff attached to Government hospitals. and Government Dispensaries including Government Rural Dispensaries and Government Primary Health Centers:
      4. to undertake any other work on behalf of the Government or any other body which the Government may authorize the Society to undertake:
    2. to arrange for the proper up - keep and allotment of pay wards so constructed to deserving patients;
    3. to arrange for the proper accounting of the receipts from the pay wards and utilizing the same for repayment of loans taken and the surplus, if any, towards the general welfare of the patients in the hospitals in the State of Kerala;
    4. to arrange for research regarding the social and economic conditions of the patients;
    5. to assist by providing work or otherwise, for the rehabilitation of discharged patients and the physically disabled and mentally retarded persons;
    6. to collect, co-ordinate and disseminate medical, scientific or other knowledge, data, statistics and information regarding patients in Government hospitals and also to print, publish and Circulate brochures, pamphlets, charts etc,, regarding the same;
    7. to frame rule for the administration and practice of the society;
    8. to entrust the affairs of the society to a Governing Body constituted according lo rules:
    9. to acquire and hold immovable property, to raise funds by loans and contributions and spend the funds according to rules and
    10. to do such other things intended for the attainment of the above objects as decided by three-fifth majority of the Governing Both in the manner provided in section 18 of the Travancore-Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies, Registration Act. 1955.
  5. The control, administration and management of the affairs of the Society shall vest in accordance with its rules and regulations, in the Governing Body of which the members shall be;
1 The Minister in charge of Public   Chairman Health Govt. of Kerala  
2 Shri K. P. Viswanathan Nair
Former Health Secretary,
Now Project Administrator,
Hindustan Paper Corporation
Shri U. Mahabala Rao,
Health Secretary.
4 Dr K. Balaraman,
Director of Health Services
5 Dr. N, Radhakrishnan,
Principal, Medical College, Trivandrum
6 Dr. K. Madhavankutty,
Principal, T. D. Medical College,
7 Smt. Thressia,
Chief Engineer.
Buildings and Roads (General),
8 Shri K. V. Ravindran Nair,
Finance Secretary ( Expenditure ).
9 Shri K. Manjukutty Menon,
Joint Secretary
Law Department
10 Shri R. Narayanan,
Join: Secretary,
Planning and Economies Affairs Department
11 Sri. K. Ramachandran
Suspending Engineer.
Public Health Engineering Department, Trivandrum,

A copy of the rules and regulations of the safety, certified Jo ho correct copy by three members of the Governing Body is fifed with the District Registrar, Trivandrum, along with the memorandum of Association.

We the several persons whose names and addresses are given below having associated ourselves for the purpose described in this Memorandum of Association do hereby subscribe our names to this Memorandum of Association and set our several. Hands hereunto and form ourselves into a society

under Act XII of 1955 this of........1973 at Trivarndrum,


Name. Address\ and  Occupation                                            SIGNATURE


Shri U, Mahabala Rao,
Secretary to Government
Health Department.


Shri K, P. Viswanathan Nair,
Former Health Secretary,
Now Project Administrator,
Hindustan Paper Corporation.


Shri. J K. Balaraman
Director or Health Services, Kerala.


Dr. N. Radhakrishnan, Principal,
Medical College, Trivandrum.


Shri K. V. Ravindran Nair, Secretary, (Exp)
Finance Department.


Smt. Thressia
Chief Engineer, Roads and Buildings,


Shri K. Manjukutty Menon,
Joint Secretary, Law Department, Government of Kerala.


Shri R. Narayanan,
Joint Secretary,
Planning and Economic Affairs Department
Government of Kerala.

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